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Welcome to Wiseintegration. Our high-tech orientated team provides a spectrum of exclusive and innovative web solutions – web development, web design, etc. Our team members have strong expertise in using recent web languages and contemporary softwares. This results an eye catching website with strong back end support.

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Web projects

Website development & designing From quick and simple solutions to Your website to custom complex systems.

Website development
Unique website design
SEO & website's code testing

Our Projects Quick look at the projects that we've done


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For our well respected Norwegian client we have developed a creative & user-friendly system Dynify, which enables the building of one's own website suitable for any kind of business.
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Hit Contract

HitContract is the project where we post information about contracts.
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Hit Contract (20140707)


Wise Integration (as by its name) specializes in solutions for integrating different applications: SOA,  XML, SOAP,  NetTcp,  ESB,  ServiceBus,  Test automation,  Real Time OS.
  • Optimal solutions to leverage existing systems & data for multiple business functions
  • Develop solutions & resolve overlaps between your enterprise applications and external systems
  • Find ways to reduce the impact on your enterprise IT systems due to continuous technology changes
  • Test your system automatically by applying our auto-testing tool, which immediately gives you warning signals if there is a fault 


Our aim is to provide a complete spectrum of flexible solutions for your IT needs, including contract, contract-to-hire and direct hire options with IT professionals from The Baltic countries.
  • IT Contracts in Lithuania and Scandinavia (contract offers updated daily) : Hitcontract.lt
  • Contractor’s start-up guide (help in choosing most appropriate business form)
  • Contractor’s tax guidance & help to find relevant information
  • Personal & friendly communication in finding optimal solution between the contractor& the client